Taxi Cab – Park Grand London Paddington Hotel / W2 3BA

Address: Park Grand London Paddington Hotel, 1-2 Queen’s Gardens, London W2 3BA
If you visit London and choose the Park Grand Paddington Hotel, you will be enjoying a scenic view and the convenience of being close to two tube stations. The hotel is a haven of comfort and class and there is certainly no doubt that someone who chooses to live in style would want their while stay to be classy. The British Airport Transfer allows you to have the same classy experience from the minute you walk out the airport!
With pick and drop services to Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and London City Airport, we have a package for you that will definitely appeal to you. We ensure that our driver is at the airport as you touchdown and you won’t have to wait at all. Our meet and greet services are worth boasting. Courtesy and a helpful hand with your luggage will be available without asking.
Since the tube might not be a good mode of transport from the airport to your destination or vice versa, British Airport Transfer offers variety of cars. Ranging from saloons to mini bus, we have a car that fulfils your needs. Wi-Fi enabled cars with options of car seats for children; we know what it takes to relax you after a long haul.
Booking with British Airport Transfer is easy. Log on to our website and check out a car from our fleet. Get an instant quote according to the car and distance to be covered. We promise you that our charges will be most reasonable and worth the experience!
British Airport Transfer also offers conveyance to the ports and back. You will find our car available even if it is an eleventh hour call! We understand comfort and we know how to take care of our guests!

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Taxi Cab – The Piccadilly London West End / W1D 6EX

When in London, tourists and visitors experience a certain formality that is not a part of other cosmopolitans. As a part of this culture, we deliver the most formal and courteous taxi service from airport to any hotel in the city. When you make a plan to visit London, do remember to check our website and get instant quotes for taxi service from the airport to your selected hotel. We keep a close watch on your arrival times and are always ready to reach the airport before you do! When you walk out of the airport, our driver will be there to meet and greet you. Your time of waiting will be reduced to nil and you will be on your way to your destination within minutes.
All the hotels in London are comfortable and extremely hospitable while some offer a luxurious experience to all. The Piccadilly Hotel in East London is often the choice of tourists and business visitors who wish to spend their days in style. The hotel is at the West End in Soho. You can walk to the tube station and very beautiful sites such as the British Museum. The London Underground Train is something that we boast of as it is a swift mode of transportation but in order to reach hotels from the airport, a private hired taxi is a better option. You cannot wait for the tube with your luggage in hand and we certainly do not recommend you to carry it around after a flight. Isn’t it a better option to walk out of the airport, sit in a clean and maintained taxi and enjoy the view as you are driven to your hotel? Of course it is! In order to enhance your experience, we offer a variety of cars. Ranging from the saloon cars to bigger vans, you can choose a car that can accommodate the number of passengers. We offer free WiFi and also car seats for children because your safety and comfort is our prerogative.
From Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, Stansted and the London City Airport, our taxis can transport you to any destination in the city. Our taxi service is available for inter-city commutation and trip to the ports. We can pick you on time from the hotel and take you to the ports so you can further enjoy the adjacent tourist attractions. Our taxi will be there to pick you on your way back and we don’t even charge extra for waiting!
The Piccadilly Hotel is located near the shopping areas and several restaurants and bars. You will enjoy your selection of services there and just as an extension of the whole luxurious experience, we recommend the British Airport Transfer only! A well maintained taxi and a smooth ride can put you in the same soothing mood that the whole trip and stay at the Piccadilly Hotel will have on you!
So don’t wait any longer and book a taxi with the British Airport Transfer by logging on to the website. We provide instant quotes for the taxi you choose and your destination’s distance from the airport you will be using. You can choose the package that suits you most and book a comfortable ride right away!

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Taxi Cab – The Lalit Hotel London / SE1 2JR

There are some cities that are on every traveler’s bucket list to visit at least once. There are some cosmopolitans which must be visited at least once in your lifetime. London offers a mix of history and modern developments, which attract millions of visitors each year.
Whenever you visit London, you can choose from a wide array of hotels but make sure you choose one that is located at a central place and is close to the different tourist sites of the city. The Lalit London hotel is a good choice for any tourist or visitor as it is closely located from the Royal Opera House and St. Paul’s Cathedral, which are the popular places to visit. The British Airport Transfer offers you a posh taxi service to fulfill your basic commutation needs. Our customers know that our meet and greet services never fail to please them! When you step out of the airport you will find out taxi just outside so that without a minute’s delay you are on your way.
Our car fleet comprises of various luxury cars and SUVs which can be booked upon the customer’s requirements. You can connect to the Internet through our WiFi and enjoy being in London from the moment you land.
The British Airport Transfer also offers city rides and taxi service to the ports so when you plan to visit nearby places, just book a taxi for your way to and from the ports.
On your way back to the airport, you can book a taxi and it will be at the hotel hours before your flight. Our taxi can take you to Stansted Airport, Luton Airport, Gatwick Airport, London City Airport and the Heathrow Airport from The Lalit at any time that you book.
Booking a taxi is simple and quick. You just need to log on to the website and choose your airport, destination and time of arrival. You can get an instant quote on the website along with the detail of cars to choose from. Once you book a taxi, the rest of your time in London will be carefree as your commute becomes our job. Enjoy your rides with a smooth taxi service that values time and courteous service!

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Taxi Cab – The Rosewood Hotel London / WC1V 7EN

Address: The Rosewood Hotel, 252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN

In London there are several options for visitors and travelers who prefer luxury and comfort. One of such options of accommodation is the RoseWood Hotel. It is located near the Royal Opera House and is well supplied with tube stations in both directions. If you stay at the Rosewood hotel, reaching all the major sites in the city is fairly easy. However, for airport transfers if you choose luxury and comfort, the only option is the British Airport Transfer. With the best meet and greet service, we ensure that the driver will be waiting for you so you don’t have to wait for a taxi when you come out of the airport. This service is as great as it is because we keep a track of the flights and ensure that our driver is present at the airport before your flight lands! The car is WiFi enabled so you can connect with your business or family when you are on the way to the hotel. The distance of the Rosewood Hotel from London City Airport is only 9 miles, while from Gatwick Airport it is 30 miles and the farthest is Stansted Airport, which is 36 miles. Once you are on the way to the airport, you will not feel as if it was a long way due to the smooth drive.
We also offer pick-up from your hotel to the ports for further vacation or for the drive back to the airport. Our driver will be there to pick you before time and will transport you without any hurry! You can log on to our website and get instant quotes. Book your taxi easily within minutes. The British Airport Transfer fleet has several saloon cars and also eight to twelve seaters. You can choose a car that suits the number of people traveling with you. With a car for different budget limits, we ensure that your ride will be smooth and relaxing. You will know the true meaning of ‘sitting back and relaxing’ when you try our service for the most efficient airport transfer.

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Taxi Cab – The Arch Hotel London / W1H 7FD

Staying at the Arch Hotel in London suits most visitors from out of city as it is located near a shopping area on Regent Street and the tube station is also nearby. We always recommend taxi rides for people as they are more scenic and enjoyable. If this concept sounds strange to you, try British Airport Transfers this time in London. From the different airports of London, we provide comfortable and smooth taxi service to all the hotels in the city. If you are staying at the Arch Hotel, we can drop you within the minimum amount of time.
Our meet and greet service is always appreciated for efficiency and time value. We offer you a variety of saloon, luxury cars and eight to twelve seating vehicles as well. You can book the car that suits you most in terms of the number of people and the budget you have.
We understand that if you travel to any other city or country, the biggest concern is not knowing the directions and safety of reaching your destination. This is why our taxi drivers are certified and the taxi has WiFi so you feel connected to the world while being inside the comfortable vehicle!
Before you even land at the airport in London, we check the expected time of arrival and make sure you see our driver as soon as you step out of the airport. Your luggage is not a worry and you can sit back and take in the view as you are driven towards your destination.
For your pick-up before your flight, our driver will be at the hotel reception well before time. You need not worry about the traffic or logistic issues as you leave. We do not charge extra for any delay or cancellation on your part, so if you change your mind after booking, it is not a worry!
For tourists who wish to visit adjacent places like Liverpool or Manchester, we offer prompt taxi service to the ports as well. It is not a problem to book a taxi even for sudden plans. All you need to do is call or log on to the website. Choose your location and destination in London and we will give you an instant quote according to the car that you require. Just book your taxi and plan your trip. The worries of commutation are not yours anymore!

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