Taxi for Students

Studying abroad is no-doubt an exciting experience especially in a country like England. Due to the higher education system and world class universities and highly qualified teachers, thousand of students from all of the world travel to UK every year. Usually the very first problem they face here is to find out a reliable taxi service right on time. British Airport Transfer provides a very reliable and luxury transport service 24 hours for the students arriving at any airport of London.

Every year thousand of young students arrive at the airports of London from all over the world. Many of the young girls, boys and several other people arriving at the airports usually get confused and worried due to the difference of culture and languages here and several times it becomes very difficult for them to get a reliable taxi service right on time if they don’t have any friends or relatives who can come and pick them up or by any other reasons. Sometimes they use buses or tubes to reach their destinations but it becomes more problematic for them to change different tubes and buses along with their luggages and several times they find themselves lost in the city. Mostly it can become a serious problem for young female students traveling alone in UK. So The British Airport Transfer is a well known transport service which gives you an easy access of pre-booking of taxi service before landing in this country. Its is a certified company by the transport of London and our drivers are also certified and fully licensed by TFL. All the drivers are well trained, decent and trustworthy. The company provides an easy booking structure for the customers. For the comfort of the students we provide a meet and greet service in which the drivers pick up their passengers right from the arrival halls by holding the cards with the name of the passengers on top.

The Company provides it services from all the Airports of London, From Heathrow to City, Stansted to City, Gatwick to City, Luton to City Or From City to Heathrow, City to Gatwick, City to Stansted, and City to Luton Airport. The Students can book cars online by choosing the number of passengers or number of the luggages they hold. So the British Airport transfer is the best transport service for the students coming in London from abroad.